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Aug22-OMG ! Sorry…

I had no idea it had been this long since blogging here.
Well, the time since has been chock-full of adventure, disappointment, happiness, and misery.
First of all, I’d like to tell you about a few sites, one of them mine, and one of them a friend’s. The others are new items I thought you should know about.
Earlier I posted how so many people are worried about a societal collapse  coming… so I decided to help people out by uploading some survival techniques and general knowledge for the eventuality that may come.
You can find the survival stuff here on my file server.
I’ve also prepared another site of mine for release, it has many books regarding Vedanta and its commentaries. Check it out here.
Also, I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but vedabase.org is now offline. A friend of mine has re-posted it on his site, check that out here.
So, going to blog more often beginning soon. Wish me luck.

8aug- Internet restored, both town and myself ! Quickening +…

Hi guys.
So, yes, town got it’s Internet and Card Services back online a few days ago.
However, my OWN internet connection has problems of its own, right after town’s got fixed.
I left streaming radio playing all day n night, and our service here is capped, aka, limited.

So, good to be back off of dialup again !

So, onto the main purpose of today’s post.

It seems everyone I talk to has the same concerns, the same worries, the same visions. Visions of the future, visions of a collapse of today’s society as we know it.

It’s on everyone’s minds , at least, it seems that way to me. Perhaps I’m evoking this out of people, but it seems larger than myself.

Are you feeling it too ? Some people are finally getting their “act” together, others feel an impending doom… still others fear government control, and others fear Spiritually-based upheaval.

Many have a positive attitude and expect people here to work together on common goals, and survive a lull in services as we do on a normal routine here.

Mendocino Coast is always losing its power or services, due to drivers hitting power/data poles, or winter storms blowing trees down onto lines…. we’re used to seeing town go without power for 3-7 days at a time. So we’ve seen what happens when all the services run out. The people with a week’s worth of food and water have a much better time of it.

So I appeal to you, if you have resources, get a at least a month’s worth of food stored in your house. Also water and batteries, flashlights, candles, combustables…. toilet paper !!!! (ha ha)

Seriously, I used to always have a month’s worth of supplies in my house. These days it’s hard enough to afford the current month’s food let alone saving up.  Groceries are way too expensive. However I also misused some money and didn’t get supplies and backup stuff and now I’m broke and can’t, so, I beg you, store up ! If anything for a power outage or a problem with health or employment.

Many people don’t know this, but, if you get a normal landline phone to hook into your wall (instead of a cordless), the phone will continue to work even in a power outage. Good to have one around, if you even HAVE a landline in your house anymore. Most don’t. I do.

As far as preparing for longer term than 1-3 months, you’re going to have to study up on that one yourself. Get stuff that’s not perishable. WATER is the most important thing u can store. Get either 5 gallon buckets or, best, is to use those blue colored bottles with a (7) on the bottom in a triangle.

Please leave a comment if you’ve been feeling the same way, and/or have been talking to people about this stuff, we need to know !

Take care everyone, I appreciate all my followers, email subscribers, and readers.
Peace !
P.S. Remember to also visit Blogspot, those guys are real good to me. Blessings.

aug4 – Mendocino Loses Internet and ATM/Credit Services

Mendocino Coast Has Lost Its Internet


Yes folks, it happened this morning here in Mendocino, California.
A logging truck has crashed and caused damage to 400 feet of fiber-optic cable, thus cutting off the entire Mendocino Coast from Internet Traffic including 4G. Also affected are ATM/CREDIT machines in every store and bank on the entire coast.

The truck crashed on Comptche-Ukiah Road just outside the town of Mendocino.

As fiber-optic cannot be spliced, they have decided to replace the entire line. This could take up to 3 days.
Meanwhile, stranded tourists with no gas or cash are scratching their heads.

Is this a small preview of what will eventually happen  on a large scale ?

Many of us here in Mendocino County have seen many power outages sometimes lasting over a week, and we see the same phenomenon happening, no access to anything but cash. However losing power is measurably worse , as most stores are incapable of serving the public at that point.

For updates, check here.

I found out as I purposely went to town to use the cafe’s internet. Somehow I had a feeling to just stay home.

More later as this develops. Stay tuned!

(DJ Colonel Corn is able to be online due to the fact he uses a private satellite system)


Connections 22july

Welcome back.
So, had a hard bit of time there, didn’t post any news for a few days, sorry.
I’ve been having more pain than usual and difficulties with some people.

Had my 4th MRI yesterday at the local hospital….to further investigate x-ray findings 3 weeks ago showing osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease in my lower spine.

If you have any questions, read the “about” regarding my accident and damage.
I intend to make a separate page delineating what’s wrong and how it happened. Mainly so that I can refer my chat partners to the page, saving me LOTS of typing and interruptions.

Had a great chat this evening in town. I had walked my friend to the bust stop, and after he caught the bus, I met with a friend and began discussing the current state of affairs, in this world.

Led to a great conversation regarding the absolute nature of things, the planet, the soul, and Creation.
Then a young man walked up, couldn’t have been more than 19.
He was RIGHT  on the same page with us, already had come to the conclusion of Hegel’s Theory and the mutable nature of reality. Amazing. Here I am at 45 years old just getting a grip on all of this, and this kid is already there. Wow. Look out for this new generation ! They are mostly amazing, truly.

So, appreciating life here. It could be better, it could be worse. All that matters is that I somehow acquire some coping skills to deal with my reality in this lifetime. Wish me luck !

With that, I shall close this daily entry tonight. Bless you and I am so grateful you are reading this.

THANKS AND GRATITUDE for ALL my Followers, Like’rs and readers !

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Great Daze

Welcome back ….

So, as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve changed the motif of the site here so that android users (and those with bad eyes) can see the text easier. Hope you like the change. Let me know with a comment.

Welcome to everyone from blogspot !
This site was just added to the main heading of  Talking’s Blog Site. Exciting ! Check them out.
Speaking of blogspot, you should know I also have a blogspot blog here.

So ! Two great days, admittedly yesterday was the best, but, gosh, what a great 2 days I’ve had !
Hope your days are just as bright!
I know dark days might come again, but at the moment I don’t care ! Heh, heh.

Hope you all enjoyed the Youtube video links from last blog entry here. Let me know through comments.

In other news:
Working on a forum for our new business, product line, and collective. Stay tuned for more.

That’s the small entry for you all today.
Take care and bless you all. Peace.

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The NetWeb WebNet

Greetings !

Well, so, here’s the deal.
Having lots of fun uploading some videos to Youtube, and having a bit of trouble with my Chat Rooms on the IRC system.
I’m going to make a page about IRC in the near future, but for now, lemme just say it’s an internet relay chat system, real-time chat. Different clients present it in different ways.
I suppose the easiest way for you to join would be clicking this link for my #thc channel, and this link for my Ascii/Ansi Art Channel, both on IRC’s Rizon server. At times the links do not work so well, in which case, you can configure other clients (free), to join Rizon at irc.rizon.net, port 6667, and /join #thc or #RizonART .One easy client to try is Chatzilla from Mozilla, the same people who bring you the Firefox browser.
Please report any problems with the web client to me, and I can give you instructions on how to connect. I’m intending to include a how-to section in the upcoming IRC page here on this site.
PLEASE REMEMBER, this is an OPEN chatroom system, and ANYONE can join. I am NOT responsible for your experience on IRC. Please beware of online predators. My rooms are generally safe, but, especially with opening up the webclient here, I don’t know who will be in there, and cannot vouch for any IRC member.
That said, enjoy some chat ! See you there.

In other news tonight, I finished uploading some Youtube videos.
Here’s one with talking, here’s Fire Drumming Pt 1 and here’s Pt 2 (click on colored text) .
So there’s the note for tonight, packed with goodness ! Enjoy the links.
Stay tuned for more updates, menu additions, and general updates. Peace !


5th July – Quiet Saturday Night

We survived the 4th !!!
Good job, everyone !! Ha, ha.

So I made a new soundcloud account … hope y’all like it.
It’s my CD so far.. can’t put much more, I think I have a 2 hour limit on a free site.

I’ve been really busy with real life, with a bunch of stress earlier last week. Actually, the whole month has been stressful, as June usually is.
However July 2014 finds me in a good place, perhaps temporarily, but nonetheless a good place.
The Site’s been getting a lot of hits. I finally figured out how to add pages to the top header menu. Was using a theme that couldn’t support what I wanted, so , I changed it again. I’ve even already forgotten the name of this theme, heh. It’s on the bottom of this page.

Seen more amazing youtube videos about people getting their seizures and cancer tumors cured by cannabis oil. I’ll add them to the Links page.

Managing my 3 blogs along with life and my chatrooms as become a bit taxing. So as you see, the blog here has been neglected for a bit. Then there’s that darn sleep thing that robs us of our hours, making even less time in the day…..

So folks, please stay tuned !!

End Marijuana Prohibition



30jun- New Beginnings , Old Truths

Hi everyone !

I’m getting some more followers here and on blogspot. It’s great. Also gettin’ a lot of views from the ECF Community. Right on !!!!
So another all nighter here as I prepare for an early morning experiment.
I see my friend did NOT help me prepare in the slightest, as he said he would do.
OH and he find my typing disturbing. Sorry pal. Gotta blog.
Actually ,sleep sounds real good about now, gonna take a nap in the morning I believe.

Adventures in WordPress ! Tried adding another page, that was a disaster. Still trying to find out how to make SEPARATE pages accessible by different menu choices on top………any help ?

So once again I regret staying up all night. I once again rationalized why I ‘had to’ in my mind. Was doing fine until about 4:20 AM !
I feel so sore now and all my pains are screaming at me.
However I won’t be deterred ! Trying my hand at some new projects here on the land. My legs, feet are yelling at me, my back is screaming in agony , and my mind is.. well… fine but overwhelmed with pain signals. Can’t wait for my next dose of meds, 8 AM.

So off I go… more later this afternoon if I get a chance!



27jiun-sweet morning

Hey everyone.
A sweet morning out here in the hills.
Overcast and quiet ‘cept for the birds !!!
Wondering how to put departments on the top of my blog page like I see other people do.
Seems they do it no matter which theme they choose. I ONCE saw an edit for each header w/links but never found it again.
Any suggestions ? I need the help !

In other news, took my x-rays yesterday, man, 40 mins under the camera in all kinds of weird positions !!
Also survived another of Mom’s Birthdays. Going to see her this morning, so, keeping the blog brief.

I wanted to give u a heads up on my ECF blog, it’s a forum for E-cig users and the curious.
It’s right here .

Nice forum, and very informative. Get inolved ! I got a great URL list there for today’s blog entry, check ‘em out and do some reading!

I’ll post again this evening for my usual evening report. Until then, peace!

OH and special thanks to all those following me ! I’m reading yours too ! Peace.

(other blog)

25 June ’14 – RAIN and the vape experience…

RAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right folks, in drought-stricken Northern California, we got rain today !!!!
Not much, but a nice little soaking, wonderful break from the dry parching wind and sun we’ve had for a while.

So !

Shall I embark upon the long and fascinating story of VAPING ??

Well. It’s a huge subject.

Suffice it to say I’m a heavy vaper, I’m vaping 3 things and loving ‘em .

I’ve got an Aspire Nautilus for atomizing my Nicotine Liquid, which is %100 Organic and vegetable glycerine, locally made too !
Then I’ve got the Vhit Type C , for vaporizing concentrates. Simple and elegant, wonderful design and economical way to use yer concentrates.
Got it on top of either my eGo-v3 Multi-Voltage Digital 1300 mAh battery, or, my Spinner 2 Variable Voltage 1600 mAh battery.
These batteries work on all 3 devices, 510 size.
Then I got an herbal diffuser / vaporizer , pretty nice . It’s an Arizer Solo from Canada. Wonderful item, and portable too !
So.. been vaping about 4 months now..and loving it. I still combust occasionally but my mainstay is vapor.

Share some of your vape stories in the commets, and, if you join up to my blog, I can see yours too. Always love to meet vapers and learn stuff and exchange ideas.

So OK. I like dabs too of course. But the torch, the hot nail, the whole thing is kinda involved, right ?
Well ! I just tried an electric nail dabber , and man, was it awesome. Set it to 700 degrees Farenheit, and it was wonderful. Had it on top of a waterpipe as recommended.
It’s a Smart-Dabb . Add a .com to that and you got their site. German made, borosillicate glass. Awesome. I’m gonna get the one with the controller.

So ! All in all a good day , only missed one appointment, ha ha.
Stay tuned guys more on the way !




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