Well. It’s been a rough ride. First off, my Mother fell and broke her hip badly. Broke the ball. So she’s had surgery here and is in recovery. I’m visiting her as much as I can at the hospital. She’s 76 years old. My back pain has been excruciating. I can barely shop or get

  Hey everybody. My radiofrequency ablation has been put off because my insurance wants to do another medial branch facet block to ensure there were accurate test results the 1st time. I’m scheduled for a Trigger Point injection next week for upper back pain. Going to have to wait for approval for the block. It

Yes Dear friends – The radiofrequency ablation I’ve been waiting for…has been denied. My insurance, after 2 months, sent me a letter saying I had to inform my doctor that the results of my test had to be sent in along with the request. I went to my doctor’s office, 25 miles in each direction,

Hey everyone. So yes, it’s summer, and I’ve been extremely busy. I’m (barely) watering gardens on two properties, feeding birds, troubleshooting water systems. Repairing things. Its been a lot. My lower back has been extra painful for the past 5 days, causing me agony from the simplest tasks. The landlord is paying me 25 dollars

Hello everyone. I’ve had a ‘vacation’ of sorts. My doctor finally trusted me with 2 months of medication, and the procedures are awaiting approval from my insurance. Therapist took a 5 week vacation also. So I’ve been enjoying my ‘time off’. Also, the landlord has been gone so it’s been really nice to have a

I attempted to enter an entry yesterday and ended up posting on the wrong site. Here it is: OMG. Can’t believe how long it’s been since I entered a post here. Sorry. WELL, I’ve been thru a lot since the last post here. Regarding the last post, yes, I got two remaining tooth pieces in

Hi folks. Well it’s been a painful few weeks as I adjust to a lower dose of morphine and complete cessation of soma and klonopin. By a miracle, one of my doctors at the last minute decided to help wean me off the morphine rather than allow me to be cut ‘cold turkey’. So I

Hi folks. Well, it’s finally happened. My opiate therapy has been cancelled due to THC appearing in my urine. This will, of course, send me into severe illness and intense pain. If you’re not familiar with opiate withdrawls, do some research. Wikipedia has a good write-up on it. Trying to get a referral to a

Well. I’ve used cannabis for 32 years so far. Finally saw it legalized completely in my state of California. Thought perhaps people had made their decision known about the use of cannabis. Then, 10 days after the law coming into effect, I was banned from cannabis use. You see, I am in chronic pain from

Hi folks. While I”m waiting to see a new doctor, a temporary one has been assigned to my case. At the first visit, she stated that she wanted me on a ‘drug holiday’ and would be cutting down some of my medication. This is a doctor who I will only see for about 3 months.

Welcome back, faithful readers ! Well the new doctor didn’t last long. Everything was fine for the first month, all meds filled, no problems with cannabis, all good. Then suddenly the next appt I was met with adversity and complications. The doctor said , simultaneously, that she couldn’t prescribe more than 90mg/day and that I’m

Hey everyone. Saw my new doctor, and apparently it seems I’m allowed to continue my cannabis therapy for now. The doctor knows about my cannabis use and said nothing about having to quit. So, finally some good news although I’m wary of future decisions regarding cannabis. However, SO FAR SO GOOD. I appreciate you following

Hello everyone – Well if you haven’t been following the blog, go back a few posts and see where we’re at, so I don’t have to recap, OK ? Where I’m at now : I have to see a whole new doctor in September, and it’s giving me stress and anxiety. Not sure if you’re

Hey folks. Just wanted to share with you my post on Reddit that got removed by the mods ‘due to a report’ that I was using self-promotion when I linked this blog with the post. So I wanted people to get a chance to see it, and the comments that were posted. Got 15 upvotes

Well folks. It’s been 5 months since my opiates were lowered, cut in half. They claimed I’d “adjust” to the new level and would be “fine”……. Well it’s been 5 months of hell and it’s getting worse. I still have elevated pain, so bad I can’t clean the house or barely cook a meal. Shopping

Well folks…….. There’s good news and possibly questionable news. This post is going to sound out of place without the context of my previous posts, so I encourage you to check my last few recent posts to “be on the same page” as it were, with what I’m saying now… So I’ve seen the new

Well guys. From following my blog, you know that I had a real hard time convincing the doctors I need cannabis therapy along with my opiate therapy to control my pain adequately. Now, the doctor who was giving me my morphine while allowing me to use cannabis, has fallen seriously ill and had to quit

From NORML: Washington, DC: Per se limits for THC are arbitrary and may mis-classify drivers who are not behaviorally impaired, according to the findings of a study published this week by the American Automobile Association (AAA) Foundation for Traffic Safety. Per se driving limits criminalize the act of operating a motor vehicle if the driver

Well The doctor who was providing me morphine while allowing my cannabis therapy has fallen seriously ill and has, for now, retired from practicing medicine. This is gonna cause another stressful situation where I have to find a doctor who will prescribe me my morphine while allowing me to use cannabis. Again I fear for

Hi folks. Well, in a temporary victory in my situation, my primary care physician has decided I need cannabis therapy. Therefore, he is now giving me my morphine, allowing me to avoid the Pain Management doctors who insist on my cessation of cannabis therapy. So far so good, I have 4 months worth of morphine

By Pat Anson , March 18th 2016 One of the less publicized provisions in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s opioid prescribing guidelines is a recommendation that doctors stop urine drug testing of patients for tetrahyrdocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient that causes the “high” for some marijuana users. The guidelines also discourage doctors from dropping

Hi Dear Readers…… I’ve been told that I pose too high of a risk driving under the influence of cannabis. First off, I use cannabis in the evenings when I’m done driving for the day. Also, here’s an interesting article from NORML, regarding cannabis and driving: Study: Marijuana’s Role In Crash Risk Often Overstated Thursday,

Yes, Yet another article explaining the benefits of cannabis therapy to those in chronic pain: Thursday, 25 February 2016 Jerusalem, Israel: The daily, long-term use of cannabis is associated with improved analgesia and reduced opioid use in patients with treatment-resistant chronic pain conditions, according to clinical trial data reported online ahead of print in The Clinical

Yes, Believe it or not, they’ve cut me down on my morphine dose AGAIN. They also insist I quit Cannabis Therapy asap , or I don’t get ANY pain relief. After hearing this, I informed my primary care physician that I was planning to kill myself. I can’t handle the pain anymore, and life without

Well folks I’m getting by, still using my Cannabis for pain relief, and I am still receiving morphine therapy however my dose has been cut to half of what it was originally. I’m experiencing more pain and immobility as a result. https://t.co/6PAQxngxBK . According to this article, CONGRESS told the DEA to BACK OFF of