Thinking, planning, and waiting !

Hey everyone…….

So ! Already one comment to my blog on the 1st day , amazing ! Thank you !

So, just starting out the day here thinking about the design of this site, what it’s gonna include, etc. etc.

Car’s in shop until tomorrow, so, for now, I got a 2014 Nissan Altima ! Hee hee, its pretty slick !

Feel like just cruising the coast with it, parking along various spots that overlook the ocean and bluffs…..should be a nice day here.

I’m gonna figure out how to change the motif, the whole look of this site. Also going to learn more about all my options here.

I’ll blog again tonight with a summary of the day ! Should be epic !

-DJ Colonel Corn- Wed Jun 18 07:33:41 2014 –



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