Evening Time

OK so

I was looking at my one commenter’s WordPress site… looks nice !!!!

I wonder how she was able to get it to there there’s on double-spacing in the text of the blogs. Looks nicer.

In fact her site looks REALLY nice , so , now I know there’s more possibilities with this wordpess site.

So stay tuned for even more changes !!!!

So I got my car out of the shop today, SO glad to get my car back after dealing with fixing it for like 5 days. Runs like a top as usual, and now it doesn’t hum! 🙂  So, everything’s back to normal $740 dollars later. (!)Ahhh HA ! An old trick, using shift + enter is making this no longer double-spaced Love it.So , as you can see, I’m learning more and more about working with this site.Still using blogspot as well. My BlogSpot Site.   <- click there to see it.Oh and um I guess to see the latest post easily you can go here.

That’s it for now, hope y’all stay tuned as I shape and form this blog into how I want it.Once I do that, I’ll start blogging more.

Peace. Wish I could insert HTML into this message. Or BB code even. Peace.



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