24-jun-2014 : Changes

Hey everyone.

Well, this site is going thru changes and so am I.
It’s been VERY intense, every day practically for 3 weeks, culminating around the Solstice.
Had another very tough day today, this time with family.
I also had major difficulties on the chat system I use, you that know me know which I mean.
I’m avoiding sharing the name of the system to avoid plaguing you all with infectious trolls.

So ! Big change afoot. Not just with this site, which has gone thru four ‘themes’ in the past 2 days !!

Once I actually get a  break from the sheer intensity of these experience, I will relay them here for you all to hang your jaw at.
Suffice it to say, the conversation with my family got me so upset, and so emotionally drained, that I used too many herbs, and, combined with the drop in energy after the expense of it, I passed out, and therefore missed my counselor appointment.
Yes I see a psychologist and you would too, he he. Of course, as with everything in my life, my famliy does not approve of my counselor and wants to contact him. Fat chance. I’ve never told them his name, and won’t.

So anyway ! As you may have guess from the new poll on the site, I am vaping nicotine juice, herbs , and oil, these days.
For my e-cig I have an Aspire Nautils on a v3 eGo battery and spinner 2 1600 battery, a Vhit Type C for my oil, and, an Arizer Solo for my herbs. Wonderful unit. Check it out. I got it for $130 instead , with full warranty !
Awesome unit, highly recommended, made in Canada.

So folks, that’s the entry for tonight. I’ll keep you posted ANDt try to clean up the appearance of the site!!!




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