27jiun-sweet morning

Hey everyone.A sweet morning out here in the hills.Overcast and quiet ‘cept for the birds !!!Wondering how to put departments on the top of my blog page like I see other people do.Seems they do it no matter which theme they choose. I ONCE saw an edit for each header w/links but never found it again.Any suggestions ? I need the help !In other news, took my x-rays yesterday, man, 40 mins under the camera in all kinds of weird positions !!Also survived another of Mom’s Birthdays. Going to see her this morning, so, keeping the blog brief.I wanted to give u a heads up on my ECF blog, it’s a forum for E-cig users and the curious.It’s right here .Nice forum, and very informative. Get inolved ! I got a great URL list there for today’s blog entry, check ’em out and do some reading!I’ll post again this evening for my usual evening report. Until then, peace!OH and special thanks to all those following me ! I’m reading yours too ! Peace.

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