30jun- New Beginnings , Old Truths

Hi everyone !I’m getting some more followers here and on blogspot. It’s great. Also gettin’ a lot of views from the ECF Community. Right on !!!! So another all nighter here as I prepare for an early morning experiment. I see my friend did NOT help me prepare in the slightest, as he said he would do. OH and he find my typing disturbing. Sorry pal. Gotta blog. Actually ,sleep sounds real good about now, gonna take a nap in the morning I believe.Adventures in WordPress ! Tried adding another page, that was a disaster. Still trying to find out how to make SEPARATE pages accessible by different menu choices on top………any help ?So once again I regret staying up all night. I once again rationalized why I ‘had to’ in my mind. Was doing fine until about 4:20 AM ! I feel so sore now and all my pains are screaming at me. However I won’t be deterred ! Trying my hand at some new projects here on the land. My legs, feet are yelling at me, my back is screaming in agony , and my mind is.. well… fine but overwhelmed with pain signals. Can’t wait for my next dose of meds, 8 AM.So off I go… more later this afternoon if I get a chance!NORML 


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