5th July – Quiet Saturday Night

We survived the 4th !!!Good job, everyone !! Ha, ha.So I made a new soundcloud account … hope y’all like it.It’s my CD so far.. can’t put much more, I think I have a 2 hour limit on a free site.I’ve been really busy with real life, with a bunch of stress earlier last week. Actually, the whole month has been stressful, as June usually is.However July 2014 finds me in a good place, perhaps temporarily, but nonetheless a good place.The Site’s been getting a lot of hits. I finally figured out how to add pages to the top header menu. Was using a theme that couldn’t support what I wanted, so , I changed it again. I’ve even already forgotten the name of this theme, heh. It’s on the bottom of this page.Seen more amazing youtube videos about people getting their seizures and cancer tumors cured by cannabis oil. I’ll add them to the Links page.Managing my 3 blogs along with life and my chatrooms as become a bit taxing. So as you see, the blog here has been neglected for a bit. Then there’s that darn sleep thing that robs us of our hours, making even less time in the day…..

So folks, please stay tuned !!

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