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Well, so, here’s the deal. Having lots of fun uploading some videos to Youtube, and having a bit of trouble with my Chat Rooms on the IRC system. I’m going to make a page about IRC in the near future, but for now, lemme just say it’s an internet relay chat system, real-time chat. Different clients present it in different ways. I suppose the easiest way for you to join would be clicking this link for my #thc channel, and this link for my Ascii/Ansi Art Channel, both on IRC’s Rizon server. At times the links do not work so well, in which case, you can configure other clients (free), to join Rizon at, port 6667, and /join #thc or #RizonART .One easy client to try is Chatzilla from Mozilla, the same people who bring you the Firefox browser. Please report any problems with the web client to me, and I can give you instructions on how to connect. I’m intending to include a how-to section in the upcoming IRC page here on this site. PLEASE REMEMBER, this is an OPEN chatroom system, and ANYONE can join. I am NOT responsible for your experience on IRC. Please beware of online predators. My rooms are generally safe, but, especially with opening up the webclient here, I don’t know who will be in there, and cannot vouch for any IRC member. That said, enjoy some chat ! See you there.

In other news tonight, I finished uploading some Youtube videos. Here’s one with talking, here’s Fire Drumming Pt 1 and here’s Pt 2 (click on colored text) . So there’s the note for tonight, packed with goodness ! Enjoy the links. Stay tuned for more updates, menu additions, and general updates. Peace !



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