Connections 22july

Welcome back. So, had a hard bit of time there, didn’t post any news for a few days, sorry. I’ve been having more pain than usual and difficulties with some people.

Had my 4th MRI yesterday at the local hospital….to further investigate x-ray findings 3 weeks ago showing osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease in my lower spine.

If you have any questions, read the “about” regarding my accident and damage. I intend to make a separate page delineating what’s wrong and how it happened. Mainly so that I can refer my chat partners to the page, saving me LOTS of typing and interruptions. So.

Had a great chat this evening in town. I had walked my friend to the bust stop, and after he caught the bus, I met with a friend and began discussing the current state of affairs, in this world.

Led to a great conversation regarding the absolute nature of things, the planet, the soul, and Creation. Then a young man walked up, couldn’t have been more than 19. He was RIGHT  on the same page with us, already had come to the conclusion of Hegel’s Theory and the mutable nature of reality. Amazing. Here I am at 45 years old just getting a grip on all of this, and this kid is already there. Wow. Look out for this new generation ! They are mostly amazing, truly.

So, appreciating life here. It could be better, it could be worse. All that matters is that I somehow acquire some coping skills to deal with my reality in this lifetime. Wish me luck !

With that, I shall close this daily entry tonight. Bless you and I am so grateful you are reading this.

THANKS AND GRATITUDE for ALL my Followers, Like’rs and readers !

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