aug4 – Mendocino Loses Internet and ATM/Credit Services

Mendocino Coast Has Lost Its Internet


Yes folks, it happened this morning here in Mendocino, California.A logging truck has crashed and caused damage to 400 feet of fiber-optic cable, thus cutting off the entire Mendocino Coast from Internet Traffic including 4G. Also affected are ATM/CREDIT machines in every store and bank on the entire coast.

The truck crashed on Comptche-Ukiah Road just outside the town of Mendocino.

As fiber-optic cannot be spliced, they have decided to replace the entire line. This could take up to 3 days. Meanwhile, stranded tourists with no gas or cash are scratching their heads.

Is this a small preview of what will eventually happen  on a large scale ?

Many of us here in Mendocino County have seen many power outages sometimes lasting over a week, and we see the same phenomenon happening, no access to anything but cash. However losing power is measurably worse , as most stores are incapable of serving the public at that point.

For updates, check here.

I found out as I purposely went to town to use the cafe’s internet. Somehow I had a feeling to just stay home.

More later as this develops. Stay tuned!

(DJ Colonel Corn is able to be online due to the fact he uses a private satellite system)



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