8aug- Internet restored, both town and myself ! Quickening +…

Hi guys.So, yes, town got it’s Internet and Card Services back online a few days ago.However, my OWN internet connection has problems of its own, right after town’s got fixed.I left streaming radio playing all day n night, and our service here is capped, aka, limited.

So, good to be back off of dialup again !

So, onto the main purpose of today’s post.

It seems everyone I talk to has the same concerns, the same worries, the same visions. Visions of the future, visions of a collapse of today’s society as we know it.

It’s on everyone’s minds , at least, it seems that way to me. Perhaps I’m evoking this out of people, but it seems larger than myself.

Are you feeling it too ? Some people are finally getting their “act” together, others feel an impending doom… still others fear government control, and others fear Spiritually-based upheaval.

Many have a positive attitude and expect people here to work together on common goals, and survive a lull in services as we do on a normal routine here.

Mendocino Coast is always losing its power or services, due to drivers hitting power/data poles, or winter storms blowing trees down onto lines…. we’re used to seeing town go without power for 3-7 days at a time. So we’ve seen what happens when all the services run out. The people with a week’s worth of food and water have a much better time of it.

So I appeal to you, if you have resources, get a at least a month’s worth of food stored in your house. Also water and batteries, flashlights, candles, combustables…. toilet paper !!!! (ha ha)

Seriously, I used to always have a month’s worth of supplies in my house. These days it’s hard enough to afford the current month’s food let alone saving up.  Groceries are way too expensive. However I also misused some money and didn’t get supplies and backup stuff and now I’m broke and can’t, so, I beg you, store up ! If anything for a power outage or a problem with health or employment.

Many people don’t know this, but, if you get a normal landline phone to hook into your wall (instead of a cordless), the phone will continue to work even in a power outage. Good to have one around, if you even HAVE a landline in your house anymore. Most don’t. I do.

As far as preparing for longer term than 1-3 months, you’re going to have to study up on that one yourself. Get stuff that’s not perishable. WATER is the most important thing u can store. Get either 5 gallon buckets or, best, is to use those blue colored bottles with a (7) on the bottom in a triangle.

Please leave a comment if you’ve been feeling the same way, and/or have been talking to people about this stuff, we need to know !

Take care everyone, I appreciate all my followers, email subscribers, and readers. Peace !P.S. Remember to also visit Blogspot, those guys are real good to me. Blessings.


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