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Hey folks.So, the site’s content has moved to my own file server, exciting.Had to basically do everything twice, as I screwed up the first one by adjusting the wrong line. Completely lost.So then I got a redirect from WordPress.com, had to change it from the previous redirect to the new site URL. For some reason, it has no begun to redirect to the old broken URL that I screwed up. However, intelligence prevails, for I just put a redirect where WordPress was sending you to, so you could arrive here.Anyhow !My internet service has been upgraded as well, from 3.5mbit download to 19mbit. From 0.25mbit upload to 4mbit upload. Also my previous cap of 17GB has been upgraded to 150GB, with free usage between midnight and 5am.All this is possible thanks to Jake, the main guy at 707satellites, in Ukiah. For their Facebook Site, click here. For their Google Profile, click here.So it took me 2 hours to repair the links and posts, and then another 2 hours to redo it all. It’s now 4:34AM and I must get to bed.It’s been a very difficult today and I am in agonizing pain.Take care everyone !


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