The Morning After

Ugh.So, I feel terrible, however….…wanted to give you all a head up on my latest project.Acting under my spiritual name, Ajita Krishna Das (which was given to me by Harinam Initiation from Srila Bhakti Sundar Govinda Dev-Goswami Maharaj in 1992 practicing in the Rupanuga Line of Bhakti Yoga), I have created a website for the pleasure of my Spiritual Masters and Their Devotees. Check it out by clicking here.How can one describe the angst of regret, when we behave improperly in the company of a friend, or, made a bad decision ?It’s a horrible feeling.That coupled with physical exhaustion has left me pretty wiped out. Yet, I have to drive 40 miles to get what I forgot yesterday, carry things from storage, do laundry, and rest for tomorrow’s trip to the Ashram to observe Sri Radhastami on the 2ndSeptember is going to be really tiring.I’ve got this city trip coming tomorrow, and I’ve got camping after that. Then I’ve got an outdoor festival to perform at and the next week a wedding 250 miles away. So it’s really jammed, and, as a precursor to September, the past 2 weeks have been so active its blowing my mind.Also my body. Yesterday while driving on the highway my left foot spasmed and seized up as I applied the clutch pedal. It was so incredibly painful. I bit down on my bent index finger and yelled a bit. This is called a sciatic nerve problem, for which I take medication for. It’s a most evil pain, notorius for not respondng to pain killers. It appears as if my foot was recently broken, however, it is much like a short-circuit in the back, sending improper signals to the brain. The brain in turn sends signals for the foot/leg to lock up to prevent bone movement. This is incredibly painful and although the pain is in the leg and foot , there is nothing wrong with either of them. The doors of perception are not necessarily leading you to reality.So, I hope everyone’s enjoying their Labor Day Weekend here and around the world. Blessings to you. 


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