Under Attack And Surveillance

Hi people.Just thought I’d share an interesting bit of fact for you all…I have enemies monitoring this website for the purpose of entertainment and espionage, in order to increase my suffering and stress.Apparently this is their only motivation, to cause me grief and misery.I suppose it’s done out of envy, or, just pure hatred for anyone trying to be good and healthy.I live in Truth. I never lie. I am brutally honest with people about my thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. For his I get abused, stalked, sabotaged, and mistreated. By friends and family alike.So, if you are one of these demons whose sole purpose in visiting this site is to glean info about my life, and to arrange your next personal attack on me thru the internet, I honestly and sincerely pray you get a life and find something to do that’s worth your time. Obsessing over me and stalking me really shows how insane you truly are. Get help.Now.As for my sincere followers, I’d like you all to know I’ve closed my chat channel on IRC, and am no longer interested in communicating with any of those people. They are the scum of the Earth. I’m talking about the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) system existing on the internet today, specifically the Rizon network and its Staff. Mostly its users. However the Staff has taken it upon themselves to intervene in the security settings of my channel, which I’ve owned for over four years.So, it’s gone now. No more entertainment for you all there. For all those of you who have never used IRC, I STRONGLY suggest you refrain from doing so, it is chock full of reprobates, perverts, and criminals. Please avoid IRC and its various servers. I’m warning you.So, in other news, the past 5 days have been absolute hell for me…… I’ve gotten hate from the phone, the internet, and the front door. Like every 30 minutes for 5 days now. It’s really getting to be too much, and so, I have loaded my weapon and am ready for the next one to come and try to ruin my day. I will ruin their LIFE. Dig THAT.So. Yes , I’ve been driven insane by this world, this society, this setup. This trap. It was set up for me to fail long before I began. So I resent it. I resent being trapped on this planet with the lot of you. Honestly.Therefore, I have made the decision to no longer share my beliefs with any persons knowingly or unknowingly. I’ve been thru too many battles, I have too many scars. No more. So good luck out there, hope ya make it. That’s ALL the advice I have for you, forever. Eternally.I apologize to my usual readers for having to read this note which is mainly directed at my online stalkers.I hope to return the site/blog to a more positive and helpful place very soon.All the best.-D.J. C.


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