Better and Not

Hey people.SoooooooYes my last post was quite a doozy…….Let’s see if we can pull back on the stick and get this baby’s nose to climb…So, OK, I met a seemingly very nice devotee of Krishna (Chatianya Mahaprabhu) online, and we got along real well.We spent hours going long into the night and early morning talking about Krishna and His wonderful Energies, Pastimes, Qualities, Etc……He even sent me an HDD (worth over $100) filled with material, mostly about Krishna, and some other cool stuff too (thanks guy).So I always somehow suspect he ate meat. Figured, well, since this guy’s never been to a temple, he probably has chicken occasionally or fish or something…..However, no. This guy who is preaching Krishna Consciousness is actively eating BEEF (COW) !This amazed me, so heavily, I couldn’t control myself. I went ballistic.I asked him to explain himself, to which he replied with old, tired, and lame kneejerk Judeo-Christian slogans.I was apallaed. He revealed to me his true core belief is Christian, and so forth and so on.Unbelievable, isn’t it ?So … I visited his site tonight, and there’s 2-3 pages of Bible quotes with the heading “For AjitaKD, who took offense:”.It’s loaded with bible excerpts mainly, with 1 link to couple of Srila Prabhupada’s lectures, in which, he says it’s OK to be Chrisitan, basically. IF YOU ACTUALLY FOLLOW THAT IS. This point he is missing, as Prabhupada clearly says on the pages he linked: “.. the Bible does not simply say, `Do not kill the human being.’ It says broadly, `Thou shalt not kill.’… why do you interpret this to suit your own convenience?” .That there is directly linked from his website, above 2-3 pages of Bible quotes clearing him of all responsibility for eating cows/meat.Within the link he provides, Srila Prabhupada says more:“Lord Jesus Christ exemplified this by teaching, “Thou shalt not kill.” But the Christians like to misinterpret this instruction. They think the animals have no soul, and therefore they think they can freely kill billions of innocent animals in the slaughterhouses. So although there are many persons who profess to be Christians, it would be very difficult to find one who strictly follows the instructions of Lord Jesus Christ.”“A Vaisnava is unhappy to see the suffering of others.”Jesus Christ taught, “Thou shalt not kill.” But his followers have now decided, “Let us kill anyway,” and they open big, modern, scientific slaughterhouses. “If there is any sin, Christ will suffer for us.” This is a most abominable conclusion.”Those quotes were taken from, a site linked from the page he linked from his website, which is have more quote from all of our Spiritual Masters denouncing the killing of animals for any reason.He’s reading this, and I hope he learns something about what he’s into.For everyone else, this is just the tip of the iceberg as to how crazy people can be.So, take care, stay tuned, and I’ll be talking with u soon !


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