Don’t Let ‘Em Get Ya Down !

Hey folks (CLICK TITLE FOR FULL AND FORMATTED BLOG).I’ve been trying to adjust this so the entire blog entry will appear on the Home page, not just a summary with no formatting (all on one line) and incomplete. Please click the title of each blog entry to see the blog.Now that you’ve clicked the title,Listen, there are people out there who want to ruin your day.They want you to be miserable.I’m not going to get into why they do at this time.I’m just going to remind you to keep your Spirits up, and let their negative vibrations slide off you as water slides off a duck.Trying to take my own advice here.As usual, if left to my own devices today, it would have been a fantastic day, other than my normal morning pain routine.However, this was not the case as I’ve been abused once again for a span of 24 hours by someone who repeatedly uses, abuses, steals, exploits, lies, manipulates, and generally SCAMS everyone he meets. Some people detect what he’s about right away. Others get fooled. The latter loses something, if not money and time, then mental morale, or both.So, in flowing with the ideal of these people not existing, I shall consider them like fleas, irritating but ultimately powerless, and exterminable. I’m making it very clear I’m not going to put up with it any longer, whatever it takes to accomplish that, I’m game.If it means never making another friend, that’s fine. I have enough. Honestly I do.What’s worse is that some of these people are reading this right now, taking pleasure in my pain, monitoring my site to get their jollies. Everytime they see me suffering, they get a little happy inside. Well, to them I say, no more entertainment for you. Joke’s over. Get a life. Go to hell.Now, onto some site news and some personal stories….I’ve added a slideshow page to the site, ‘25 Meditations‘. It’s a display of Srila Sridhar Maharaj’s words overlayed onto cosmic pictures of the universe. One of them seems to be ‘damaged’ so it may become 25 meditations, heh. The original file name was 25 meditations although it contained 26 images. Hope you like it. Trying to enlarge the pics too.I’ve almost gotten things back to normal since the big blowout 1st week of this month….. picking up the pieces. I regret closing my #thc chat channel on the IRC chat system, Rizon network. It had a solid base of about 23 users and was less idle than not. However some of these people I’ve been talking about were there, orchestrating events with the intention of making me upset. So it may be a good thing it’s closed, but…….. ultimately sucks. So a few ppl from #thc have come to #RizonART, and I appreciate that, truly. #RizonART is a channel for ascii art and chat, regarding cannabis and anything else. ALMOST anything goes, YOU know what we mean.By the way it’s time to ‘update’ my WordPress Version, and I’m dreading it. So many things will need to be reset, and I wonder what options I will lose…. but they insist I update….argh…. any comments regarding the new 4.0 ?One thing I haven’t done much of lately is sleep, so, with this short entry I must say goodbye for now. Take care. 


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