Keepin’ on

Hey folks (CLICK TITLE FOR FULL AND FORMATTED BLOG). I’ve been trying to adjust this so the entire blog entry will appear on the Home page, not just a summary with no formatting (all on one line) and incomplete. Please click the title of each blog entry to see the blog. Now that you’ve clicked we can continue.Well !WordPress 4.0 seems to be doing well …. and I added another page to the menu, a slideshow with 104 (the maximum allowed) images. I intend to make a page 2 including the other 30 or so pics that remain. Check it out by clicking here. Hope you enjoy it ! 🙂Busy days lately. Getting a lot done. Feels good. Temporary relief from pain, at least partially, has allowed me to continue with the work, as well as a good friend helping me. Grateful !So just this note for y’all here this time, going back to work now ! Peace!-dj cc


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