Results of 4.0 so far ..

Hey folks (CLICK TITLE FOR FULL AND FORMATTED BLOG). I’ve been trying to adjust this so the entire blog entry will appear on the Home page, not just a summary with no formatting (all on one line) and incomplete. Please click the title of each blog entry to see the blog. Now that you’ve clicked we can continue:Well kidz,I installed WordPress 4.0, only took like 3 minutes on my new connection. That was nice.However what followed was NOT so nice, and, is the reason I generally avoid updates.First of all, my slideshow app stopped functioning correctly. This is very frustrating as I spent a lot of time last night uploading about 150 pictures.Secondly, in the edit box for posts/pages, the cursor resolves to just out of the editbox, making the first letter appear RIGHT on the line, looks worse.I don’t know what else is coming down the line for me with this 4.0, but so far, I’m not impressed.One of the main ‘updates’ is how the links to media appear in your draft’s edit box. I was thinking about it and what it means is, instead of being able to post media neatly and coherently in your edit box, it now shows/plays/etc your media right in the edit box for you. This not only makes editing much more difficult, it ruins the possibilities of copy/paste’ing your entry.Not a great update if you ask me.So, my main slideshow project failed, I go off to do some IRL stuff …. peace 


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