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Hey folks (CLICK TITLE FOR FULL AND FORMATTED BLOG). I’ve been trying to adjust this so the entire blog entry will appear on the Home page, not just a summary with no formatting (all on one line) and incomplete. Please click the title of each blog entry to see the blog. Now that you’ve clicked either the title or dots at the end of the summary, you can now see the entire entry.Hi again folks !Well, they say I should update my WordPress Software to 4.0 ….. been a while, and only a few hundred complaints! So… here goes. Hopefully all goes well. I know I’ll have to re-edit some things, almost not up for it.In other news, gardening is still going strong as we head into Fall/Autumn … September 22 being the official beginning of it here, but you wouldn’t know it from the temps lately. Sunny and warm here, warmer than the summer months. This is actually normal for this area and our sunniest months are October and November. We get no rain from June to November generally. Sometimes no rain up to January. We’re hoping for good rainfall this year to help end our drought.So , keeping this short so I don’t spend all night working on WordPress!See you after the update!-dj cc 


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