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Hey folks (CLICK TITLE FOR FULL AND FORMATTED BLOG).I’ve been trying to adjust this so the entire blog entry will appear on the Home page, not just a summary with no formatting (all on one line) and incomplete.Please click the title of each blog entry to see the blog. Now that you’ve clicked we can continue…

TOO MUCH TO TELLWell folks , the past 2 weeks have been as busy as I predicted. Started off with an outdoor festival where my dear friends from the Seva Asram set up in the kitchen and fed Prasadam (holy offered food) to 500-1000 people a day for 4 days.I’ll put a few pictures in with this story.

Serving Prasadam At The Bliss FestivalBliss1

…. so that’s one picture…was a great time, and there was music during the feast…..

Kirtan During Prasadam FeastBliss2

A good time was had by all.


More Kirtan During PrasadamBliss3

So.Went to that festival…. then , the next week, off to a wedding !Yes, a wonderful wedding, a total success ! My dear friends Bilwa Mangal Prabhu and Vaidehi Devi Dasi got married… I felt especially good as I introduced Bilwa to the Asram that has accepted me for all these years. After explaining extensively to him about the philosophy of Bhakti-Yoga, he moved near the Asram and is now married and happily living with his new wife ! All blessings to them!Here’s some pics of the wedding.

Bilwa and I after the wedding.BilwaNmeAtWeddin

Nadia And I at Bilwa’s Wedding


Vaidehi, the Bride


The Altar Of The Beautiful Wedding


Sooooo…Was quite difficult, standing up for so long as I was a Groomsman at the wedding. First socializing, then waiting, then standing during vows/ceremony, then picture time ! Whew ! Honestly I didn’t even make it to the reception, which I’m sure was so fun.So yes September was action-packed as I said it would be, and, well, it’s been mostly great !My next post will center around my new personal Healer and Friend and my connection with that.Take care, and blessing to all the sincere seekers of the Truth !


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