Gettin’ Ready

So, everyone is getting ready for winter coming in, with rains allegedly coming tomorrow.Not a big rain, hardly anything really, heh, but people are all excited about it.Just got a load of firewood in. If you’re on the Coast and need some firewood let me know, I got a guy’s number, he’s good.Here’s a pic of what I got, all stacked up in the woodshed with help from my friend Mike.Heh, uploaded it first at normal size and it was huge… heh 🙂
Load of Firewood

My 1st firewood load for winter 2014.

Pretty awesome load, ready to burn. Some of the stuff in front and on top, that stuff was chipped up stuff i got for free.SO everyone, get ready for winter !I’m ending this here, as I am now going to visit my father who’s in town…Blessings to all of you


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