Been a great month !

Hi everyone !Yes, your beardless hero here has been gone from the blog for over a month.Well. One would assume I have tons to talk about and share , right ?Not necessarily, he he.Although I am going to share with you some more vape news.Got some new devices to show you.

First off, is the new 26650 VAMO / E-Huge I got recently.This is basically a battery with a computer control unit.Takes ‘26650’ Li-ion batteries. Rechargeable in 5 hours, they last over 24 hours in my device.They can be recharged many times and have a long lifespan. They do not lose power when sitting idle.I’ve also acquired a 26650 flashlight, the thing is a total boss with a 2000 Lumen LED bulb. Battery lasts 10 hours on one charge.This sucker’s bright, Zoom-able lens to focus far away or light up your whole area. I’m very impressed, and it cost me $15. I’ll share this with you all as well.

Speaking of LED flashlight, just got a 510 flashlight attachment to my new vape device ! More on this later.

I’ll make an entry later tonight covering all these topics and more !Stay tuned!


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