Marching On

Hello fans and everyone else:Wow what a rough morning.Been cold lately, about 32 F in the mornings…. I know, many of you will say that’s not cold, but, I’m a California Coast Native, and for me, it’s a bit too cold.So this morning I was out of coffee. Well, OK, a pain, but not so bad, just means I gotta drive to town for some right ?Nope. Flat tire. So I whip out my trusty fix-a-flat can and start filling.Well, fix-a-flat doesn’t work under 50 F degrees….. so I started the car and turned on the defroster, putting the can in the window to let thaw.15 mins later, I try it again, and it fills. As per instructions, I immediately drive to town to spread it on the inside of the tire.On arrival I realized I had forgotten my cannabis and cannabis concentrate, and I was in a lot of pain. If you don’t know why, read the ‘injuries’ link on top.So, I came home, and passed by the station with air like an idiot. So now my tire is 2/3 full and will probably be flat by morning. Can’t get it fixed until Monday. Great.So, just thought I’d share just one lovely morning out of thousands, in which things tend to suck.I’ve got more to talk about , but in the interest of keeping my categories relevant, I’ll make the next post seperate.Hope you all have a better day than I.


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