Rough times.

Yes ladies and gents, The Colonel is having an extremely bad time right now.

Besides getting harassed and the run-around by my doctor, the one main pain med I take that kills my pain and helps me walk has been discontinued from the manufacturer until April, with no explanation.

So, you’d think I could contact my doctor for a substitute medication for the time being , right ?

Wrong !  Not only can I not see MY doctor for a month, I went to EVERY doctor building in town, including the ER, just to be told by everyone I can’t see a doctor for at least a month.

My doctor recently told me if it’s an emergency I can always see my osteopath ‘early’, well , that was another lie.

So was her order to go to the center that Mental Health has rented to ‘find’ a shrink. Found out today there IS no shrink here on the coast.

On top of all this, my doc now requires me to walk 4 miles a day.

As you can plainly see, my doctor is harassing me and putting me through undue stress.

In fact , last month she finally did what she’s always threatened to do, which is ‘fire’ me. Yes that’s what they call it when a doc refuses to see you. So, she fired me last month but then un-fired me and came back with all these rules if i want pain relief.

I had complained to her earlier about being unable to walk as much as she wanted me to,and it fell on deaf ears, Then the excercise was increased. She has demanded I keep a journal for about 5 monhs or so now, maybe longer.

She is singling me out for harassment, and, I’m unable to talk to her boss or any medical professional for a month.

So, it gets worse.

Being upset about this doctor crap,  I told a close friend i was considering ending my life.

Next thing I know, my landlord calls and says someone called her saying I was suicidal. Well, naturally , she also recommended a psychiatrist, with the same immature and inane understanding that my doctor has, give him some pills and he’ll be happy with his shit life. Yeah right.

I’ve been down that road only for it to leave me here.

So quickly the conversation turns nasty, and, before i know it, the nice old lady who was concerned evicts me.

Now, you make sense out of all that. Try.

SO I’m facing unbearable pain, med withdrawl,  an eviction, and poverty.

THAT’S why I’m not in a good mood, it’s NOT a chemical imbalance, thank you very much.


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