Survival, Spam, and Sorrow

Hi gang.

Well kids, the Colonel is pretty much at rock bottom.I’m possibly being evicted, my friends have abandoned me, and my back is out with extreme pain.I have to clean up my house pretty much by myself, which is NO easy task for someone with a broken back such as myself.The reason it’s cluttered is also because of my disability. I don’t always pick things up and generally leave most things ‘accessible’ so that the least amount of pain is felt when getting something I want to use.

So far only people who experience severe pain chronically can understand this. Many of you have had your back go ‘out’ for a day or two, or fallen and been ‘laid up’ for a bit….. well just imagine that pain never going away.

Now, somehow, I have 335 comments mostly from spambots who have somehow eluded my Capthca requirement for comments. Very troubling. So I suppose I need a better one ? Gonna shop around.

The inevitable result of me exploding in anger is sorrow the next day. Bummed about how crazy I’ve become, after all I’ve been thru it’s added up to drive me insane.

I’ll be turning 46 in the first part of April this year (2015), and that in itself brings some mental and physical anguish.My list of skills is shorter than my temper, if you can believe that. Basically I’m a day laborer with a broken back, useless. I’m also a sailor with a broken back, more useless. So some people might say, hey you can type, get an IT job of some kind.Well, no, I can’t sit for extended periods either, and can’t handle any stress. The worst is workplace socializing. Having to laugh at stupid jokes, and accept invitations into their vile homes.

In other news, I’ve 1/2-moved the site to my new host provider. We’re still running off of, but not for long.You may see some errors as we iron out the bugs in the xfer.As you may know, I began on , which I later moved to my own host provider and used .However, WordPress still owned the domain, and was charging me a combined rate of almost 60 a year, including the ‘no ads’ option, the redirect option, and the domain itself.Reduced all that to $9.90 a  year ! With everything I had before ! For now, I’m also paying shantisystems hosting, so it’s actually more than that, but soon, soon we will have our own site and the URLs for blogs etc. will be etc., which will be very nice.

So, a heads up to everyone, if you see the site is down, just come back again in a few days and we’ll be up and running !

Also remember to visit VapeVista, my vaping site where all my vape blogs go to now!

All the best to all of you. Please keep me in your thoughts/prayers that I may stay where I am living now.


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