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Hey!OK, so things have been rough. But we got our site moved to our new hosting providers !!Finally ironed out all the bugs involved with migrating a WordPress site, thanks to the help of a good IRC friend.I’ll explain more about my love/hate relationship with the IRC system in another post.For now, we’re both happy to see the site up and running on the new host.

Still testing all the ways to get here, to make sure it’s all synced up. Looks good so far. Let me know about any problems.SooooThe eviction is not final. I’m working with the landlord at this moment, and for the past few weeks to try to stay here. I’ve also poured an amazing amount of energy into cleaning up and arranging my house for the landlord’s upcoming ‘inspection’. Hopefully it will go smooth, I’m almost done with it.What else, oh, I have a new doctor now, and he seems fairly cool. A bit forgetful, but cool. So I got THAT worked out also.I’ve got my other site up and running, been neglected a bit this past month as this site has been, because of all the drama etc.However, DO visit VapeVista.Com regularly to see new posts, and sign up for alerts ! 🙂Springtime is in the air, and everyone’s seeing it. So begins 2015, in my mind. I didn’t really feel the new year until now. So now it has begun. Right on.Sadly, it looks REAL bad for California’s drought problem. I mean seriously bad. Not sure what we’re going to do, as a state, to survive beyond 2015, honestly. I’ve seen some very alarming pictures on the Net. Lake Tahoe : 2 million B.C. – 2015 .‘ll share a few of them here with you now.enhanced-13315-1426719733-4Picture by Justin Sullivan / Getty

Here’s a picture from Lake Tahoe this year:

tahoePicture by Conor Freeman

Now that’s REALLY bad okay.So, I’m pretty concerned. You can see more pics by clicking here. OK. There’s a problem with that link, and I’m working on it. For now, you can go to : . That’s where I got these.

Hope all you Californians like myself will be okay in the coming years, not sure what’s gonna happen.

Until next time, be well !


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