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Hi to my friends, followers, fans, family, and even fappers !

Gotta tell you some news. 1st of all, the site has moved and for a bit, http// might not work as well as normal. Not to worry, our engineers are working around the clock to get all the links for the site up and stable !!

In other news, our ‘si captcha’ plugin, in other words, what keeps spambots (advertisers) from leaving comments on the site, has failed over the course of the past few weeks, and I’ve got literally 100s of spam comments to sort through. If you are not an advertiser, and you left me a valid comment, consider leaving it again in case it gets deleted. I have a lot of patience, but to sift thru hundreds of comments at a rate of 10 at a time gets old quick.

I guess the biggest news for us out here in California is the drought. I posted 2 pics in my previous comment ( ) about it, and I’m going to make a page with all the pics I get of the drought and put it on the site. Speaking of which, I just got a pic of the Aral Sea , in central Asia.. you may have heard of it, it’s gone dry for the 1st time in 600 years… this is a haunting photo showing 2000-2014. The image is only showing 2000 until you click on it.

aralsea_climate_change_2000_2014(click image to see animation)

So anyway WATER seems to be the topic of the year.

I hope YOU are taking steps, even if you are plentiful now, to ensure we’ll have water for a long time by avoiding waste.

Now, onto more personal news…..

The inspection I’ve been working so hard to pass will be tomorrow, Tuesday. As you can imagine, I’m pretty nervous and will spend today cleaning the last bits that I neglected so far. In fact, I’ve been so nervous I haven’t slept (Sunday night). It’s early morning now in California, and I’m at that point where one wonders if he should sleep or not, as I have to meet a friend pretty early and have a full day planned. Ugh. Not enough time in the day, if you ask me.

It’s springtime and people are gettin up and and out there….myself included.

So take care and remember, all of you who use the WordPress URL (site address), you all should use !


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