Reflections and another re-blog…

Hello everyone…….In a bit of a reflective mood tonight.Today was an odd day, leaving me contemplative and still.

Yesterday was full of energy and accomplishments, followed by a day of rest and stillness. The balance I guess.Managed to move all my stuff out of my storage unit just in time ! Going to save $70 a month from that done deal.Had a wonderful day until I was almost done, almost home, and……. backed into a tree, denting my car…..

The balance I guess.

So I’ll tell you something that’s really got me amazed these days… the fact that my hunch on ingesting cannabis being a good idea was completely right on.

Take this YouTube extract, for example. A scientist and heart surgeon explaining some of the many functions of cannabis in the body,Check this out :

[niceyoutubelite id=”0eDy5zdAt9o”]

This is the video linked at my re-blog attempt found here : Reblog . Basically it’s just the video, but that page has a lot of really cool links and articles. Check it out.

Trying to think of what direction to take this blog in, now that all my vape stuff is being sent to VapeVista.Com, one of my other sites.I’ve got some photographic ideas in my head.. otherwise I’m open to whichever stream I enter next.The gardening has ceased, and it’s left me with a bit of a puzzle as to what to do partly. Previously I had a schedule to adhere to and things came up which required my extra attention. Now that it’s basically in stasis mode, not much to do with it, and I’m feeling the vacancy fairly well.

The good news is I’ve had more energy and felt better, mostly, than I have in quite a while. Physical challenges still exist, and I have a very hard time in the mornings especially. However during my ‘peak hours’ I have performed pretty well recently, the past 4 days or so, and am incredibly grateful for it.

So I got a comment on one of my blog entries tonight…. from a new reader who gleaned the URL to the blog from my chat with another user. Their comment, regarding my post about being told not to vape in a local cafe, was that I was in the wrong because I (a) ‘chose to hide the ecig’ (which I did not) and (b) because I agreed to not use it in his cafe.


These kinds of comments really make me wonder why I blog and call into question the sanity of John Q. Public.If people are going to read into what I say, interpret what I say into something else, or straight out misquote me, and then get agitated about it, well I’m sorry I ever wrote the damn thing, seriously.

Putting myself ‘out there’ is going to create problems, this I knew already, as well as the cost of Fame. Really, all the Fame in the world belongs to my Spiritual Master, who deserves all the credit for what He has done on this Earth.However, be that as it may, it bothers me to know that people can read something and decide it says something completely fabricated and often times the exact opposite of what was written.

The point ? Good question. I think people are just looking for a hole to squat over, and they find me, and begin their business. Honestly, I don’t see any other reason for it. Why discuss what you think was a mistake on my part regarding behavior or action in the past ? I’m the one that wrote about it, you don’t think I know what happened ?Amazing how thick people can be.

So, ending this blog for tonight. Take care everyone.


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