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Hey everyone.

So, it’s a sunny day finally here on the coast, which means I’m going to take more shadow art pictures today !

It was another rough morning, waking up in agony and then the transformation, with my meds and cannabis, to get back to ‘normal’ and be able to function today.

Don’t know if I’ve mentioned this, but my old VapeVista.Com site has been changed to The Vapor Ninja.

The site remains the same, but has a new URL of .

Recently spent some days without pain medication, boy was THAT  a bear. Ugh.

I hope the last few articles I’ve posted have interested you, they partly explain what gives me the energy and vigor (and relief) to go on each day. Cannabis, the miracle cure.

Adding a link today on the main menu for Patients4MedicalMarijuana . It’s a great site full of information. Also I’d like to mention our own local doc’s site for valuable information.

Planning on visiting Santa Cruz this winter, winter of 2015.

We’re all waiting to see how we fair this year with WATER, our state’s biggest issue at the moment. Reports say Porterville is now out of water completely.

Unfortunately, for most of us on wells, saving water won’t help. It’s about the level of the aquafir sinking down. I’m mainly concerned about my folks, who only have a 12 foot hand dug well, and lots of gardens. Ugh.

So, hope this meets you well and you are enjoying life as much as is possible. Stay tuned !


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