Still here, in fear.


I’m not really in fear, but I AM heavily concerned.

Lots of things weighing on my head these days.

Most of it is stuff I’ve gotten myself into, but others are out of my control.

I’ve been re-blogging a lot lately, hope you don’t mind. I’ve just found the articles I’ve re-blogged very interesting to me, and hope they also provide interest to you.

The site over at The Vapor Ninja is going well.

I find the lack of comments on my site very discouraging. There are at least 17 of you following my blog…. surely one of you has a comment ?

That’s OK, you don’t have to comment. It would just fuel my rants, I suppose. However I can’t believe no one has an opinion about all the stuff I’ve posted the past few months.

SO I’ll be working on the site some more to try to bring you all current to my situation these days. I’m still in Mendo, same place. Managed to not get evicted so far !

I’m planning a rant about the $5 minimum all of our stores have in place for debit/credit card purchases. Be sure to read that one when it comes out.

Otherwise, not much has changed you know I’m still doing my thing here in the woods.

Take care, all.


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