DJ Colonel Corn signing in !

Hey folks, hello from another hiatus.

I see you all are still visiting the site looking for new info, so here’s some info.

What’s the latest, lemme see. My Vapor Ninja site is going well, getting lots of hits and even so far two companies have sent me samples of their equipment to review !

Naturally I review them honestly, and don’t give them a good review just because they sent me a unit !

I hope most of you have checked out the site, at . It’s simple, but gets the job done.

Another ‘new’ thing in my life is increased pain. My insurance company has seen fit to decrease the amount given by my doctor, refusing to pay for the entire script. So I’ve been cut down.

The result is more pain and agony, and I’m having a really hard time with it. This past week has been especially horrible. For about 5 days my leg lit up again which is the most evil of all pains. Now that has settled down and I’m dealing with lower back pain ,as is the norm.

Really limits what I can do in a big bad way. Makes me feel so crappy I don’t even blog, I just try to deal with the incoming pain signals as best I can.

A lot of you are in the same situation. I hope you use the comment box below to share some of your stories and views.

I’m adding Statistics to the Menu on the site…. so you can see all the places that log into my blog !

Click country, then click state, to get city.

Plug.Dj has moved . We’re all over at . Check us out.

I’m also thinking of turning this site OFF, as I’m not sure my readers are really umm…… interested ?

Not sure.

Take the poll to see if you’d like me to keep the site…..

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