Forced to quit Medical Marijuana under threat of illness and pain


 To first give you some background, I’ve been using Medical Marijuana for 32 years, 17 of which were with a legal permit from the State Of California.

 Since 2002, I’ve been using morphine therapy and cannabis for pain relief, the pain resulting from damage to my lower back and sciatic nerve root withstood during an assault and car wreck.

 Suddenly, a new pain management doctor was assigned to my medical building recently, and this pain management group has decided that no patient shall get pain relief if they use Medical Marijuana.

 I’ve inquired all over the State to find a pain specialist (now required somehow) that will accept my usage of Medical Marijuana and still receive the morphine that helps me cope and have a somewhat normal life, with no luck.

 Let it be known that the THE WAR ON CANNABIS IS NOT OVER.

 Simply because you have a permit does not necessarily mean you can use it.

 I have legitimate chronic pain, which is #1 on the list of reasons why Medical Marijuana is allowed.

 If you are Cannabis activist, please share this post, and remind people that THE WAR IS NOT OVER.

Also, if you have ANY recommendations as far as doctors in Northern California go, even as far south as Santa Cruz, let me know.


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