Pills cut – Cannabis therapy stopped.


Believe it or not, they’ve cut me down on my morphine dose AGAIN.

They also insist I quit Cannabis Therapy asap , or I don’t get ANY pain relief.

After hearing this, I informed my primary care physician that I was planning to kill myself.

I can’t handle the pain anymore, and life without my Medical Marijuana, cannabis therapy, is too horrible to continue.

Can’t someone help me in proving to this doctor that the DEA will NOT ‘bust’ him for giving me narcotics while having cannabis in my monhtly urine tests.

I live in Northern California and I have a valid license to use cannabis.

As I’ve linked in previous posts, the US Congress told the DEA to leave Medical Marijuana alone. I’ve cited 3 articles to prove it.

Still the doctor will not believe me. He needs a higher authority to tell him the facts.

PLEASE contact me if you can help, thru this site’s contact form, which I’m adding today.

I can’t go on like this, so your efforts may well save a life.

That’s it for now, doesn’t look too hopeful from here.

I can barely stand up and shopping is agony. I was managing on my previous dose with cannabis to the best I could. Now I can no longer manage my pain and have whittled down my activites to sitting all day, unable to do much of anything.

If you believe humans shouldn’t live like this, than please , contact me with any available reports or possibly if you are a big name in the cannabis/legal arena, a letterhead letter to this doctor might help me out.

I’m waiting for your respone, full of anxiety, fear, and pain.


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