About to ask ‘the question’….

Well guys.

From following my blog, you know that I had a real hard time convincing the doctors I need cannabis therapy along with my opiate therapy to control my pain adequately.

Now, the doctor who was giving me my morphine while allowing me to use cannabis, has fallen seriously ill and had to quit his practice.

So, next week I find out from my new doctor, who i’ve barely spoken to so far, whether he will allow me to continue my cannabis therapy while receiving opiates.

I’m hoping for the best, but also preparing for another fight.

I’ve linked the story about the CDC recommendations clearly delineating the fact that NO patient should be refused opiates simply for having cannabis show up in their urine test (To read that story, click here.).

So now it’s time to present my case to yet another doctor.

My previous doctor understood me, supported me, and promised to never let me down. Not sure what this new doctor’s policy is.

Yes, I’ll have to go thru the whole explanation of what has happened to me and why I’m here today in pain.

At least I have MRIs which clearly show my damage.

That, and the fact i’m kind of in seniority for having taken opiates for so long.

So, please pray for me and hope for the best with this new doctor relationship.

I’m worried and have anxiety about it.

More soon, next post should include what he said and what my next move is , if any.

Thanks for staying tuned in. All the best to you and yours.





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