Latest news…

Well folks……..

There’s good news and possibly questionable news.

This post is going to sound out of place without the context of my previous posts, so I encourage you to check my last few recent posts to “be on the same page” as it were, with what I’m saying now…

So I’ve seen the new doctor. He’s new to the area. Thankfully, he is planning to provide me my medicines. Doesn’t look like cannabis use will be an issue.


He also has said he “may not remain in the area much longer”…….

So, for now I’m okay, with a possible problem on the horizon.

Just wanted to let u all know what’s up.

So far hanging tight with keeping both modalities of therapy ! Thanks for all the wonderful support from all you out there.

I’ll keep you abreast of any news/thoughts/plans as they come about.




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