5 months later…

Well folks.

It’s been 5 months since my opiates were lowered, cut in half.

They claimed I’d “adjust” to the new level and would be “fine”…….

Well it’s been 5 months of hell and it’s getting worse.

I still have elevated pain, so bad I can’t clean the house or barely cook a meal. Shopping has become extremely difficult and my mental status is degrading. At this time I have no hot water in the house because it’s too painful for me to carry the 5-gallon propane tanks to the house. Been getting help here and there but the hot water tank only lasts about 7 days and I can’t get anyone to reliably help me that often. So I’ve decided to go without hot water so I can have fuel for my cooking stove, and only need help once a month or so.

This means I have to shower other places, and do my dishes with cold water. It’s been difficult to say the least. Going days without a shower because I’m not able to use one for one reason or another.

I’m also trying to move, which has proven to be extremely difficult in the area I live in, and need to live in. The landlord here has told me she’s selling the land, and also, since I can’t handle/chop firewood anymore, I’ll need a place with gas heat.

Not only all that, but I have serious dental work to do next week. This is going to coincide with cleaning up the house for the landlord’s ‘inspection’ coming up at the end of the month.

I had a lead on a place I wanted, but the woman living there decided not to move. So I’m back to square one, which is square none.

Getting very difficult to handle the extra pain while going thru all this, as you might imagine.

Next doc appt I might find out if he’s staying in the area or not. Hoping he is.

Until next time ,dear readers. Hopefully I’ll have something positive to say next time.



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