Opiates Refused To Medical Cannabis Patients !

Hi folks.

Well, they’ve really done it this time.

In earlier posts, I explained how the ‘pain management’ people refused to give me opiates based on the fact I use cannabis for pain therapy.

Well, my doctor building (1 of only 2 here) has decided to adopt the exact same contract that the pain management people wanted me to sign. I crossed out the section pertaining to ‘medical marijuana’ before signing it.

Luckily, my doctor WAS able to give me ‘one last script’ of my morphine sulfate today. So that gives me only a month to find someone who will prescribe me my medicine while I use cannabis for additional pain control.

Without cannabis use, I’d need more pills, which is I guess what they want. However they won’t give me more for quitting cannabis, rather, they cut my opiates in 1/2 five months ago whether I would quit cannabis or not.

This is an outrage. This is not being covered by the press, so everyone is thinking Medical Marijuana Patients are being “taken care of” and all.

Have you experienced the same problem? Use the comment box below.

I am now forced to search for doctors once again in this area of limited services. The closest ‘pain center’ is 70 miles each way, and I can’t handle the drive.

More later, my friends. Wish me luck.



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