Reddit Post Removed

Hey folks.

Just wanted to share with you my post on Reddit that got removed by the mods ‘due to a report’ that I was using self-promotion when I linked this blog with the post.

So I wanted people to get a chance to see it, and the comments that were posted.

Got 15 upvotes and 14 comments within 12 hours. Then the post was removed.

Click HERE to see a cached copy of the post on my server.

Click HERE to see the actual Reddit page cached on their servers (if this still works by the time you read this).

Also, here’s an excerpt of a post on Facebook I made. Click the image to see the article:


I am now trying the only other medical building in my area (within 70 miles), hoping to get the medicine I need while using the other medicine I need, Cannabis.

I’ve been struggling for the past 5 months as a result of having my pain medication cut in half. Now they’re threatening me with a total cutoff if I don’t stop using Cannabis, a medicine I’ve used since I was hurt, to relieve pain and suffering in my life.

You’re welcome to comment here under this post.


I”m trying my best and could use any support that’s available to me.

If you’re local to my area, Mendocino County, and you know of a doctor who will allow me to use my Cannabis therapy while also doing Opiate therapy I would appreciate some info. Use the contact form on this site, from the top menu.

Thanks to everyone who have helped me thru this process. If you look back at some previous posts, you’ll see the long winding road it’s been to get me to this point. Square one.

More soon.



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