So Far, So Good…

Hey everyone.

Saw my new doctor, and apparently it seems I’m allowed to continue my cannabis therapy for now.

The doctor knows about my cannabis use and said nothing about having to quit.

So, finally some good news although I’m wary of future decisions regarding cannabis.

However, SO FAR SO GOOD.

I appreciate you following the blog, and stay tuned, for more news, including:

Upcoming Oral Surgery

Yes I need to have two nubs removed, the left over parts of tooth from 2 of them breaking off at the gum line.

Not sure exactly how they intend to remove them, but I have a choice whether to get knocked out or not.

It’s a very difficult decision for me. I’ve got anxiety and worry about the whole thing. Also, it’s 70 miles away and the trip there and back might be grueling.

I’ll let y’all know how it went. In the meantime, keep struggling for the herb, and your right to use it.

Good luck out there, take care.



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