Well THAT didn’t last long…

Welcome back, faithful readers !

Well the new doctor didn’t last long. Everything was fine for the first month, all meds filled, no problems with cannabis, all good.

Then suddenly the next appt I was met with adversity and complications.

The doctor said , simultaneously, that she couldn’t prescribe more than 90mg/day and that I’m on 90mg/day. I also know myself for a fact that and doctor or nurse practitioner can give up to 90mg/day of my morphine sulfate.

The doctor declared that she wouldn’t “risk her license” by treating me, even though she, by her own words, and the latest guidelines, say I’m within the limit.

So, she tried to send me off to Santa Rosa, which is over 100 miles away, with a “no follow-up” order. Truly amazing. I have medications unrelated to pain that I need as well. This was completely ignored.

So, as she set me adrift with no doctor, I called the head nurse of the building and managed to get an appointment with a new doctor, someone new to this area, who might be able to help me.

So wish me luck with this new doctor.

I encourage everyone to follow #patientsnotaddicts on Twitter.

Hopefully my next entry will describe success, although every appointment I go to is filled with anxiety and fear as I can be ‘cut off’ at any time. Basically this doctor should be sued for patient abandonment, but I’m not gonna push it.

More later, my friends, wish me luck.



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