My Temporary Doctor.

Hi folks.

While I”m waiting to see a new doctor, a temporary one has been assigned to my case.

At the first visit, she stated that she wanted me on a ‘drug holiday’ and would be cutting down some of my medication.

This is a doctor who I will only see for about 3 months. It’s not her place to start changing my meds around.

So, once again, I battle with doctors and their egos.

She mentioned my liver, which was just tested a month ago and came out fine.

Another new doctor, fresh out of med school, on a  mission to lower people’s medications.

So wish me luck on our next appointment, where I”m going to underline the fact that she’s just my temporary doctor and has no place in adjusting my medication.

We’ll see how that goes.

More news soon. Thanks again for reading.



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