Cut Off Opiates Due To THC In System

Hi folks.

Well, it’s finally happened. My opiate therapy has been cancelled due to THC appearing in my urine.

This will, of course, send me into severe illness and intense pain. If you’re not familiar with opiate withdrawls, do some research. Wikipedia has a good write-up on it.

Trying to get a referral to a new doctor that ‘may’ allow ‘some’ thc use.

The Head Nurse refuses to return my calls regarding this matter.

I have very little time left to find a doctor that isn’t against cannabis use. Seems almost impossible, but I have a lead on one.

I’d write more but am very troubled over this nonsense decision, based on fear and ignorance.

Wish me luck.

In other news, my COPD has progressed and I was hospitalized recently for low blood oxygen levels. My doctor so far refuses to refill my inhaler.

All in all, my medical care is practically non-existant. I technically have no doctor at the moment, free-falling with nobody to support me.

It’s looking like 2017 is going to top 2016 as my worst year on record.

Until next time, fans, take care.



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