Pain and Prejudice

Hi folks.

Well it’s been a painful few weeks as I adjust to a lower dose of morphine and complete cessation of soma and klonopin.

By a miracle, one of my doctors at the last minute decided to help wean me off the morphine rather than allow me to be cut ‘cold turkey’.

So I have increased pain. I’m almost past the withdrawl stage of adjustment, just feeling more pain now.

This all started originally due to the CDC recommendations that were given out last year. Then came the cannabis issue, which resulted in me being cut off completely.

Now they want to cease my opiates no matter what , in favor of risky spine procedures that are both painful and dangerous.

Why might you ask ?

Well these ‘doctors’ (anesthesiologists) make a LOT more money doing a procedure than a simple visit with a med prescription given out. Follow the money.

I’d like to add a tweet of mine:

Well I’m not sure if that embedded correctly.

Point is, some of my complaints were published in that article by Pain News Network, which I’m grateful to the editor for.

In other news, my COPD is advancing rapidly. Hard to keep moving when your blood oxygen level is so low.

Again, my appreciation goes out to everyone who has supported me thru this. I love you guys.

Also, please forgive me for using ‘bulleted list’ on this blog , but WordPress decided to remove their “Justify” command in the editor so I have no other way to separate my sentences.(EDIT : fixed ! -ed.)

More soon.


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