Wow (copied)

I attempted to enter an entry yesterday and ended up posting on the wrong site. Here it is:


Can’t believe how long it’s been since I entered a post here. Sorry.

WELL, I’ve been thru a lot since the last post here.

Regarding the last post, yes, I got two remaining tooth pieces in my gums removed …. major operation and stitched shut — was very difficult.

Pretty much healed from that now.

So, what I’ve been facing lately is a run of procedures on my spine…. they’re very painful and so far have only been tests.

They say the next ones, although more painful, may relieve much of my pain. So I guess I’m going thru with it, ugh.

Since the last post my morphine was reduced again and it’s been extremely difficult to get around and deal with my pain. Their solutions are to get these procedures and so far it’s given me more pain not less.

Also had problems breathing and apparently my COPD is progressing. I’m on oxygen at night , 2 inhalers and a nebulizer. Ugh.

HOWEVER, I’m still able to use cannabis with my opioid therapy and for that I’m extremely grateful. I’ve been eating medibles and tinctures. Vaping some cannabis as well.

So I’m pushing along. Some of my meds were terminated for my anxiety disorder so it’s been hard to deal with that.

Meanwhile the world is goin downhill, heh. I see it everywhere but particularly in the news (radio mostly) of course. Might be time for a personal news blackout again……

So folks wish me well, I’ve got more procedures to go thru……..


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