A vacation of sorts

Hello everyone.

I’ve had a ‘vacation’ of sorts. My doctor finally trusted me with 2 months of medication, and the procedures are awaiting approval from my insurance. Therapist took a 5 week vacation also. So I’ve been enjoying my ‘time off’. Also, the landlord has been gone so it’s been really nice to have a breather.

Maintaining so far regarding my chronic back pain and COPD. I’m also acting as property manager for the land here while the landlord is gone, as I’ve done before. Once again for no pay or break on rent.

So things have been mostly easy, except for when the tenants harass me with demands. Do this, do that.

The weather is finally tolerable here however it’s been 43 F in mornings and about 60 F during the day, not quite a summer but getting there. Stays cool here generally, as we’re near the coast here in Northern California.

I’ve had my friend here helping me clean up the house from 11.5 years of living….as I may have to either move or impress new owners in a while. Yes the land here is being sold so I may have to move. A horrible thought indeed.

So I hope everyone out there is OK and I’ll let you all know how things go regarding the results of my lung CT scan and the procedures to my spine that are coming up……

Peace —

(sorry for the ‘bulleted’ text, my wordpress has a bug. Working on it. Peace out.) (EDIT: fixed ! 8/5/2017-ed.)



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