Busy summer…pushing the envelope

Hey everyone.

So yes, it’s summer, and I’ve been extremely busy.

I’m (barely) watering gardens on two properties, feeding birds, troubleshooting water systems. Repairing things. Its been a lot.

My lower back has been extra painful for the past 5 days, causing me agony from the simplest tasks. The landlord is paying me 25 dollars a week, yeah. To work pretty much every day. Getting daily emails, etc.

I also was successful, with help, in setting up a router in my family’s house as repeater bridge. So their whole house and garden now has WiFi coverage !

It’s been satisfying to get things accomplished, but my back is horribly painful. I can only do things for about 10 mins and I need a break, sitting down in a chair mainly.

Since the decrease in opioid dosage, things have been much harder. I’m praying it doesn’t get any lower. I can barely do stuff as it is. I was doing much better on a higher dose.

Got my lung screening test done. NO LUNG CANCER DETECTED. Great news. So that was pretty welcome info.

Here’s some news about the fire in Chernobyl. Click the picture to get the article.


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