Procedure denied

Yes Dear friends –

The radiofrequency ablation I’ve been waiting for…has been denied. My insurance, after 2 months, sent me a letter saying I had to inform my doctor that the results of my test had to be sent in along with the request.

I went to my doctor’s office, 25 miles in each direction, to have the secretary there make 2 copies of the letter, one for my doctor and one for the head nurse. Then I got the denial letter 2 weeks later, saying my doctor had not sent in the information on time.

Unfortunately the documents have too much personal information in them for me to share them on this site.

So this means we will have to apply again and wait another 2 months when they ask for more information, and hope the doctor does it on time this go-around. Very anti-climatic.

Meanwhile, I’m still in terrible pain and unable to do simple tasks here on the land that the landlord’s son asks of me.

I’m okay for short bursts so people think I’m okay. However even shopping is a huge chore involving much pain.

It’s very difficult to force myself to avoid sinking into depression.

More soon, thanks for reading this, and more to come.



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