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It’s been a rough ride.

First off, my Mother fell and broke her hip badly. Broke the ball. So she’s had surgery here and is in recovery. I’m visiting her as much as I can at the hospital. She’s 76 years old.

My back pain has been excruciating. I can barely shop or get around. The garden here is begging for water and I’m in too much pain to do it.

Visiting my Mom in the hospital has been difficult. I’m unable to leave the house until the afternoon.

I’m also unable to take out the garbage, clean the house, or do the dishes.

My landlord who has been gone since April is planning to come back in August. That’s going to be rough also. She is now 80.

I’m swamped with things I need to do and am unable to do them. Since going out on the 4th, I’ve been wrecked.

Hoping my Reiki friend can send healing energy to my Mom in the hospital.

I’m grateful you’re reading this and that I have your support !

More soon !



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