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So !

Trying to maintain. My back hurts me greatly. The procedures that may help me have been denied following more nerve block tests which also require approval. It’s been 3 months so far.

My Mom has been in the hospital for the past 2 weeks or so following an accident where she tripped and fell, breaking her hip. She got surgery here locally and will recover at her house here with my help.

Going to give the site a major updating soon which will require much work. Not sure I’m into it right now.

I’ve been driving 50 miles a day for two weeks and spending 5 hours a day in the hospital with Mom. Hasn’t been easy.

My emphysema is holding at its stage right now. Causes some weakness and exhaustion at times, but no more major breathing difficulties for the most part. Allergies kill me in the morning.

Wondering when I’ll put in the energy required to make one of my many sites active…..

For now please explore the site and prepare yourself for a whole new look soon !

Going to take a lot of work so wish me luck !


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